3D Printer Filament Application

Application about 3D Filament Extruder Machine

It has been used by designers, engineers and scientists to produce the disposable mechanical products and model, and it is already widely used in medical, education, toys, building, automobile, electronics, and anime field.

1 The production line of our company produces more accurate and smooth silk. The closed-loop control system controls the diameter error of the silk at 0.03mm.

2 The silk production line of our company has realized precise line arrangement to maximize the winding space, beautiful and orderly.

3 In multi – shape printing, the toughness of the silk must be able to withstand multi – Angle bending degree.


Compared to other development processes, it takes less time to move ideas from the design studio to the production floor. Prototype, test, and produce a variety of tools, fixtures, jigs, and available parts with good speed and efficiency.


3D printed models can mimic various tissue characteristics in a single print based on real patient imaging data.3D printing technology with high precision and variety can meet the requirements of human bones, teeth and other artificial products.


Students can gain important academic experience, establish interdisciplinary collaboration, and even cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit.


Drive manufacturing with 3D printing for faster iterations, decision making, and reaction to market changes. With very little time, fixtures and flyable parts can be creatively put into production.

Consumer Goods

From design to prototyping in just hours, not days. Rapid product improvement through rapid prototyping. Do everything in-house, reduce delivery time, and reduce the risk of intellectual property infringement.


With the development of 3D printing technology, more and more shoe manufacturers begin to apply 3D printing technology in shoe design and production.


The use of 3D printing technology for the production of luminous words can gradually achieve intelligent, automated production, reduce personnel costs, avoid environmental protection.

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