Plastic Pipe Application

What is Plastic Pipe used for?

Plastic pipework is used for the conveyance of drinking water, waste water, chemicals, heating fluid and cooling fluids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air, irrigation, plastic pressure pipe systems, and vacuum system applications

Suzhou ACC machine make different kind plastic pipe machine,the technology is advanced and reliable.

PE/PP Pipe Production Line:

Pipe Extrusion Line
Pipe Extrusion Line

Advantage of plastic pipe production line

1 Pipe diameter from 16mm upto 1600mm.

2 With different kind wall thickness for different application.

3 Can make the pipe have different layers, such as: Middle use recycled material and inner and outer layer use new material

4 Can also have color line co-extrusion for choice.

5 Can have some word to be printed on that.

6 Can have auto powder feeding machine for choice.

7 Can have PLC touch screen control.

8 This line have CE and ISO9001-2000 quality certificate.




with ABB


with Schneider

temperature controls

with Omron

PLC control


Application Scenario

Main Technical data

ModelPipe rangeExtruderMax outputMax speedTotal power
PVC-50*216-50mmSJSZ65/132250kg/h10 m/min85 kw
PVC-6316-63mmSJSZ51/105150 kg/h10 m/min60 kw
PVC-11050-110mmSJSZ55/110180 kg/h10 m/min70 kw
PVC-16063-160mmSJSZ65/132300 kg/h5 m/min90 kw
PVC-250110-250mmSJSZ80/156400 kg/h3.5 m/min120 kw
PVC-315160-315mmSJSZ80/156400 kg/h3 m/min160 kw
PVC-450250-450mmSJSZ92/188700 kg/h1.5 m/min200 kw
PVC-630315-630mmSJSZ92/188700 kg/h0.9 m/min230 kw
Model/Item Pipe range Extruder Max.output Motor power Total power
PE-63 16-63mm SJ65/33 SJ25-25 120-180kg/h 45KW 110 KW
PE-110 16-110mm SJ65/33 SJ25-25 150-200 kg/h 55 KW 130 KW
PE-160 50-160mm SJ75/33 SJ25-25 150-220 kg/h 75 KW 150 KW
PE-250 75-250mm SJ75/33 SJ25-25 280-350 kg/h 90 KW 280 KW
PE-315 110-315mm SJ90/33 SJ25-25 250-350 kg/h 132 KW 350 KW
PE-450 160-450mm SJ90/33 SJ25-25 350-450 kg/h 160 KW 400 KW
PE-630 315-630mm SJ120/33 SJ25-25 550-850 kg/h 200 KW 550 KW
PE-800 450-800mm SJ150/33 SJ25-25 800-1300kg/h 250 KW 750 KW
Model Normal speed machine High speed machine
Production speed 8-10mmin 20-25mmin
Production capacity 15-25kg/h 30-60kg/h
Extruder SJ-45 SJ-65
Motor power 15kw 30kw

Customer Reviews

Saudi Arabia Customer

“ I’m writing to tell you that the extruder is working wonderfully, here we have learned a lot from its operation, If someday you need someone to give advice about its operation in Latin America, you have my help and that of myteam.

Today I wanted to request a quotation for the following materials (the same ones that I originally bought you).”

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