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We Provide The Best Service To Our Customers

Saudi Arabia Customer

“ I'm writing to tell you that the extruder is working wonderfully, here we have learned a lot from its operation, If someday you need someone to give advice about its operation in Latin America, you have my help and that of myteam.

Today I wanted to request a quotation for the following materials (the same ones that I originally bought you).”

Hungary Customer

“ We have been in business with this company for a couple of years. Their produ ct quality and services are fantastic. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the plastics extrusion industry.”

India Customer

“ This is a fully automatic machine with excellent diameter control. The filament diameter is maintained between +/- 0.03 mm. The construction of the machin e is very good. The suppon provided by the manufacturer during the trial run at China and during installation in India is good. This is the second machine we h ave purchased from them. Even we have any technical issue with our first mac hine which is already one year old. they help in resolving the issue.”


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