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What Are The Benefits Of An Industrial Shredder?

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What is an Industrial Shredder?

An industrial shredder is a piece of heavy duty equipment designed to shred dense and light materials to prepare them for recycling or for the destruction of unusable products. They are an environmentally sound device that takes otherwise useless materials and transforms them into raw forms for remanufacturing or waste management.

Industrial shredders vary from office equipment designed to destroy sensitive documents to huge commercial industrial shredders that prepare materials for disposal or recycling. In recent years, shredders have become an essential part of manufacturing and production as an assist to helping reduce the amount of waste dumped into landfills.

Following are some useful benefits of using industrial shredder machine:

 Industrial shredders

1. The cutter shaft has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, low energy consumption, and dust can reach environmental protection standards.


2. Large feed, heavy toothed knife, high shredding efficiency. The bearing seat adopts the split type, which is easy to disassemble and replace the knife, and is suitable for shredding over-large, thick and difficult-to-break materials.


3. It adopts microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.


4. The knives are made of special alloy steel, with strong shearing force, sharp blade, strong and durable. The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials.


5. The frame of the combined structure of precision processing of thick plates, the powerful rotating shaft of the large-angle hexagonal column, and the large-diameter sturdy input hopper, so you can safely put in large-scale raw materials.


6. Use of a shredder machine is environment-friendly because it will not create any pollution while shredding the waste material and also not produce dust during work. It can increase your credibility by letting your customers know that you are environmentally sensitive and are working without harming the atmosphere. The shredder machine also designed with the durable and substantial motor power and has advanced cutting technology to cut the heavy materials in small pieces for excellent size reduction of the equipment and enable you to use it for recycled products.

 industrial shredder machines

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