Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

Our specialty is manufacturing custom profile extrusions with ridged PVC, flexible PVC, and PP. We have the ability to run any plastic resin to meet your specifications. Plastic profile extrusions device is used to produce such sealing strips: automobile,door and window edge sealing,air-conditioning,furniture,electrical equipments,foamed sealing strip,machinery,wiper,decorative sealing,framework,extruding sealing strip, etc.
Advantage of Extrusion Equipment Profiles
1. Mainly used to produce the PVC window profiles, plastic decorative plates and PVC foam profiles.
2. Use frequency conversion for speed regulation.
3. Has super-taper twin-screw extruder with temperature controlling instrument in the screw core.
4. Saves power by 30% – 40%.
Choose ACC Machine for your partner,Get your materials into production faster and with less cost.

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