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Carbon Fiber Plastic Granulation Machine Line Carbon Fiber Plastic Granulation Machine Line

This line is widely used:low smoke free halogen cable material,internal and external screen of cables,PVC cable material,EVA foam series,PP/PE filling masterbatch,black masterbatch,stone paper masterbatch,non-waven masterbatch,woven bag Masterbatch.

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Product Description

Single screw extruder---Water Strand die head——Water tank——Air dryer——Cutter


1.  Higher capacity compared with other suppliers using the same model.

2.  Easy operation: PLC full-automatically control system.

3.  Produce different raw material:Carbon+Plastic.

4.  Low maintain. 

5.  We can provide installation services overseas.

Machine Details

Extruder can match parallel extrude and enlarge the capacity.

Carbon pellets machine.jpg


Carbon pellets machine2.jpg

Cooling table

Carbon pellets machine3.jpg

Cutting part

Carbon pellets machine4.jpg


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