Face Mask Nose Bridge Production Line

Product Description


The face masks nose bridges have different types, such plastic, single steel wire with plastic, double steel wire with plastic. This is a plastic nose bridge extrusion line, and we can also produce according to customers requirements.

1.The plastic nose bridge production line mainly consists of vaccum feeder, hopper dryer, SJ45 single screw extruder, mold, water tank, stretching machine, embossing machine, haul off machine, storaging machine and winder.

2.The extruder is 45mm single screw extruder,L/D is 30:1, special for HDPE raw material.

3.The water tanks have 2 sets, one is heated, the other is cold.

4.The haul off machine is controlled by Servo motor.

5.The storaging machine can ensure continuous running when change the coils.

6.The winder is controlled by PLC, and the coil is non-spool design.

Machine list

No. Machine name Qty.
1 Vacuum feeder 1 set
2 Hopper dryer 1 set
3 SJ45 single screw extruder 1 set
4 Mould 1 set
5 Water tank 2 sets
6 Stretching machine 1 set
Embossing machine 1 set
8 Haul off machine 1 set
9 Storaging machine 1 set
10 Winder 1 set

Product Details


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