FLD-45 Filament Extrusion Line

AS 3D printing industry is developing so hot now. 3D printing filament production line is becomming most popular printing materials in this period. Our Company developed theABS PLA 3D Filament Extrusion Line for customer to produce good quality 3d printing filaments to resell and get profit.

Product Description

  • This FLS-45 filament extrusion line is independently developed by our company, using the latest extrusion molding technology, and strive to produce high quality, high precision 3D printing silk for customers.

  • This 3d printer filament extruder is suitable for most of the plastic raw material (ABS/PLA/PEEK/PP/PE/PC/TPU/PETG, etc.), production of products tolerance of + / – 0.02 mm.

  • The company's machines are sold overseas all the year round and have won the praise of the majority of foreign customers.

Machine Function

  •  Extrusion molding performance test of polymer material wire;

  •  Formulation design of plastic wire;

  • Optimization and control of plastic wire extrusion process parameters;

  • Used for extruding single/multi-cavity and multi-specification plastic wire;

  • Process optimization, cost control and small-scale production.


  •  Higher capacity compared with other suppliers using the same model;

  •  Perfect tolerance:+/-0.03mm, even+/-0.01mm;

  •  It can produce the different diameter of filament from 1.5mm-3.0mm;

  •  Easy operation: PLC full-automatically control system;

  •  Produce different raw material: ABS PLA PA HIPS PET;

  •  Low maintain. We did not receive any complaint once the machine is running;

  •  We can provide installation services overseas.

Production Flow

Hopper dryer——Single screw extruder——Die head——Water tank—— Laser measuring diameter machine—— Haul off machine—— Storage wire stand—— Winder machine

Production Line Parameter:



Applied materials


Screw diameter




Screw Speed


Linear velocity


Filament diameter




Heating/cooling way

Electrical heating/Fan cooling

Operating Temp

Room temp-480℃

Control System

Siemens Control



Main motor Power


Control Type

SIEMENS   PLC control

Working Voltage

3 Phase 380VAC±10%,1 Phase 220VAC±10%,50Hz

Install Power

About 30kw





9375eaae6f9237dfb26b246ea59cb22.webp e5f986bebc1583bffb467fb5124b911.webp


                 Automatic vacuum loader


Auto Loaders Series utilizes a stainless steel hopper and a high efficiency vacuum motor .Built with a motor overload protection device and material shortage automatic alarm system ,this machine is of light weight ,endurance, strong absorption ,easy to install and operate. It can work and be installed with different types of plastic molding machines ,hot air dryers and other facilities to provide the best solution to material conveying.

It is the high efficiency model drying machine for the all kinds of pellets .they can be fully dried as the humidity to setting the temperature.

                                          Hopper dryer




Our machine is equiped by international famous brand parts:


Temperature-controlled meter:Omron

Inverter:ABB Delta Delixi

Screw and barrel nitrogen treatment:0.4-0.7mm

Switch:Delixi shneider 

Diameter: 1.75mm 3mm

Material: S136 steel

Advantages: Easy clean

Binding Post: Taiwan 

                                Precision alloy mould


                                 Temperature water tank 

Water bath number: 2 sets

Heating water bath length:2.5meters

Heating power: 1.5 kw×2

Cooling water bath length:4 meters

Adjust the height (up and down):80mm

Adjust the height (right and lift):50mm

The moving distance (Before and after) :500mm

Central Height: 1000mm

Calibration gates:1 pcs

Calibration gates diameter:2.00mm, 4.00mm

Toughened glass cover:1 pcs

Water bath material: Stainless steel

Temperature control system:1 set

Vacuum pump:1.5kw

Equipped with additional water tank and pump for

recirculation of the water to an external water system

                        Laser dia-measuring instrument


Motor drive: AC Servo Motor

Servo Motor model: 80ST-M03520

Controller: Fuji Controller

Motor power:0.73kw

Drawing way: roller

Roller number:6 sets

Haul –off Speed: 0-180 m/min

Roller diameter:250mm

Central Height:1000mm

                              Haul-off machine


Motor power: 2.2kw


Roll material:Rubber

Roll groups:2

Roll diameter:160mm


Adjustment way:Hand movement

Motor drive: AC Servo Motor

Servo Motor model: 80ST-M03520

Controller: Fuji Controller

Motor power:0.73kw

Drawing way: roller

Roller number:6 sets

Haul –off Speed: 0-180 m/min

Roller diameter:250mm

Storage system of 3D filament machine,increase the productivity.

Storage length:100 meters

Plastic roller diameter:300mm

Electromagnetic motor:0.75kw

                                        Filament stocker

filament stocker.webp

                                 Filament back checker

back check.webp

Motor power: 2.2kw


Control:Stop and open by haul-off machine.

Motor power: 7.5kw×2

Drive way: Torque motor

Distribution device:2 sets

Automatic feed filament device:1 set

Automatic feed filament device motor:25w

Cutting setting device:1 set

Switch: Delixi

Delixi electric system: Delixi  

Control system:PLC 

                                           Filament Winder

                                 PLC control system

The heating temperature is controlled by the digital panel, and the winding loop is controlled to achieve the diameter and winding speed of the filament.


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