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HDPE LDPE LLDPE film water ring pelletizing line HDPE LDPE LLDPE film water ring pelletizing line

This pelletizing line is suitable for the granulation of recycled PE, PP film and bags.

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Product Description

The granulation line can make the waste PE/PP film or bags into plastic granules for recycling.

1.The plastic granulator is composed of conveyor belt, compression bin, extruder, net changer, water ring cutting die head, water tank, dehydrator, vibrating screen, conveying pipe and silo.

2.The conveyor belt can transport the film or bags to the compression chamber for crushing,the crushed fragments are semi-plasticized by high speed friction.

3.The feed port of the extruder is connected with the compression chamber. Semi-plasticized particles will enter the feed port of the extruder with the guide slot in the compression chamber.

4.After the semi-plasticized particles enter the extruder, they will be completely plasticized. The extruder barrel is equipped with a vacuum exhaust system, which can draw out the gas and water in the raw material.

5.Hydraulic screen changer can be convenient to clean and filter impurities without stopping the machine.

6.The water ring granulation mold is adopted, and the granulation is directly transported to the water tank by the ring water and into the dehydrator.

7.Finally, the dehydrated particles are transported to the silo through a centrifugal fan.

Machine list

No.Machine nameQty.
1Conveyor1 set
2Compactor1 set
3SJ single screw extruder1 set
4Hydraulic screen changer
1 set
5Mould1 set
6Water ring pelletizer1 set
Water tank1 set
8Dehydrator1 set
9Vibrating screen1 set
10Pipe and silo1 set

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