Multifunction Plastic Rattan Extrusion Line

The plastic rattan extrusion line is used to produce outdoor furniture materials,such as round, flat, twisted etc.

Product Description

The plastic imitation rattan extrusion line can produce various rattans with 3 colors, 4 colors, 5 colors, and multilayer rattans.The extrusion line is mainly composed of 3 or 5 sets co-extrusion extruders, molds, cooling water tanks, haul off machine and winder.

Product Parameters

Machine model Raw material Capacity Color Installed power


40kg/h 1,2,3 20kw
FLD55/30/30 PE/PP 50kg/h 1,2,3 25kw
FLD55/30/30/30/30 PE/PP 60kg/h 1,2,3,4,5 30kw
FLD65/40/30/30/30 PE/PP 70kg/h 1,2,3,4,5 40kw

Product Details

plastic rattan machine (3).webp

plastic rattan machine (4).webp

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