PEI PEEK Carbon Fiber Filament Extrusion Machine/3D Printing Filament Making Machine

PEI PEEK Carbon Fiber Filament Extrusion Machine/3D Printing Filament Making Machine

Product Description

The 3D filament extruder has small size, low energy consumption, high precision and simple operation

Raw materials: PEI, PEEK, carbon fiber, etc.

The machine can be heated up to 480 degrees and can be used for special high temperature materials.

Standard 1.75 and 3mm high-precision moulds.

In-line laser detector equipped with 600 times/sec.

The use of frequency control, to ensure that the accuracy of within ± 0.05mm.

With automatic line and winder.

1.  Higher capacity compared with other suppliers using the same model.
2.  Perfect tolerance:+/-0.03mm, even+/-0.01mm.
3.  It can produce the different diameter of filament from 1.5mm-3.0mm.
4.  Easy operation: PLC full-automatically control system.
5.  Produce different raw material: ABS PLA PA HIPS PET.
6.  Low maintain. We did not receive any complaint once the machine is running.
7.  We can provide installation services overseas

Product Parameters

Mode FLD-45A FLD-35A FLD-35B FLD-50A
Capacity(kg/h) 20-25 10-15 5-8 30-40
Motor power(kw) 15 7.5 5.5 15
Total length(m) 12 11 5.8 15
Filament Quantity 1 1 1 1
Diameter(mm) 1.75,2.85,3.00 1.75,2.85,3.00 1.75,2.85,3.00 1.75,2.85,3.00
Tolerance(mm) 0.02 0.02 0.03 0.02
Working Temperature(℃)     0-280(A)     0-480(B)





    0-280(A)     0-480(B)
Water consumption(Mpa) 1  1 1 1.5
Air supply 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5

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