Plastic Crusher Machine

This series of crushers are mainly suitable for crushing thin-walled plastic pipes and plastic profiles. For long profiled materials, there is no need to divide into small sections, and it can be fed at one time, and it can be continuously broken by automatic feeding. This machine is equipped with air conveying device, opening device, safe and convenient operation and maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for crushing various pipes and long profiles.

Product Description

The SWP series crusher is mainly suitable for long PVC profile materials, such as: plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plates, etc., without cutting into sections, and can be continuously fed at one time. The unique internal design is a new type of crusher specially designed for crushing harder and tougher plastic profiles.

  • Steel structure box, cast steel tool holder, high-quality tool steel knives, high-strength steel screws are firm and durable.

  • Stepped cutters, fast crushing power; "claw type" cutters, reduce shearing blades and improve crushing capacity. It is especially suitable for nylon and engineering plastics which are hard and tough. Specially equipped with three rows of fixed knives, the crushing rate is extremely high.

  • Movable screen, easy to disassemble, easy to wash and change color. Sound insulation interlayers are installed on the front and back of the chassis to reduce the impact of noise on the environment.

  • A double-layer sealing device is installed behind the crushing chamber, and the knife body is closely matched to prevent the powder from leaking into the bearing seat and increasing the load of the motor.

  • The high protection switch of the hopper to ensure the safety of personnel. Water-cooled structure, air-feeding aggregater and power, fixed knife multi-row structure can be customized.


  • Steel body and clamping blade prevent the machine from cracking.

  • Stepped blades increase shearing strength and crushing efficiency.

  • Movable screen is easily to assembly, disassemble and wash.

  • Sound separation layer in the feeding door lowers operations noise levels.

Production Flow

Technical parameters:

Model SWP 400 SWP 500 SWP 630 SWP 800
Rotation Diameter(mm) 400 500 560 600
Rotating Blade(pc) 5 8 8 10
Fixed Blade(pc) 2 4 4 4
Screen Diameter(mm) 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12
Blower Power(KW) 3 4 4 5.5
Power(KW) 15 22 37 45
Capacity(Kg/h) 150-200 200-350 400-600 600-1000

破碎机 (2)_副本.webp IMG_4088.webp


破碎机 (5).webp 破碎机 (3).webp
IMG_4094.webp IMG_4102.webp
IMG_4111.webp IMG_4114.webp
IMG_4082.webp IMG_4087.webp

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