Plastic Foam Board Production Line

Foam board making machine consists of special designed twin-screw extruder, T-die, shaping mould and related downstream line. It has the characters of high output, stable extrusion, low cost for maintenance and high foamed ratio for the finished product. By cooperating with printing, laminating and hot stamping machine, all kinds of imitation wood products can be easily produced in this line. Foam board making machine is mainly used in the production of free foam sheet, which is wildly used in the following fields: cabinets, bathroom and all kinds of high-grade furniture boards, decorative building material, advertising material, automobile, train, ship interior decoration material.

Product Features

PVC foam board is a perfect substitute for wood board, it has good decorative and protective functions for PVC bathroom cabinet and PVC bathroom cabinet after painting, because of its easy construction, strong adhesion, high hardness, good sun resistance, no zigzag cracks in cutting and drilling of PVC plate after spraying, excellent performance, easy spraying, low cost, one component conforming to ROHS environmental protection, and painting of PVC bathroom cabinet and PVC bathroom cabinet surface.

Product Details

 Plastic Foam Board Machine

Product Parameters


Machine name
Main extruder
75kw (speed adjusted by SIMENS inverter)
80/156 conical double screw
OMRON Temperature controller
Output is about 400kg/h.
Automatic feeder
(3mm-20mm) x1220mmx2400mm
Calibration Unit
Calibration plate: 1500mm× 500mm 4couples
Cooling roller system
Length: 6000mm
Trimming knife: 3 sets
Haul off machine
8 pairs rubber rollers (controlled by inverter) and electric trimming machine
controlled by inverter
length: can be customised

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