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Plastic Imitation Rattan/Wicker Machine Plastic Imitation Rattan/Wicker Machine

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Product Description

The plastic artifical rattan extrusion line has series extruders, single color, two color, tricolor, four color, five color and etc. And manufacture high speed imitate rattan extruder of high performance according international market requirement. Special designed screw and barrel can produce products in good quality at a high speed; Can be available for customer's special requirement. The extruder equipped with corresponding moulds can produce all kinds of plastic imitate rattan strip, sheet. It is widely used for chair, teapoy, basket, woven handicraft, furniture and so on.

Technical Parameters:

Rattan typesingle, double , three colors rattan as per samples
Main Extruder modelSJ45, SJ50, SJ65
Main Extruder L/D25:1/28:1/30:1
Main Motor 7.5KW/10HP
Cooling typeair fans cooling and Water cooling
Production Speed10-20m/min

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