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Plastic Profiles Co-extrusion Machine/ TPE Soft And Rigid Profiles Making Machine Plastic Profiles Co-extrusion Machine/ TPE Soft And Rigid Profiles Making Machine

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Product Description

The production line is composed of 2 single screw extruders, shaping table, traction and cutting machine, and ABB variable frequency speed controller is used to realize stepless speed regulation across the line.Siemens touch screen, accurate temperature control, automatic fault alarm;The vacuum shaping table adopts the water circulating sealed and energy-saving vacuum system, which is equipped with centralized water supply, so that different forms of shaping molds can be replaced easily, conveniently and quickly.The shaping table is 2.5m and the drawing machine is caterpillar tractor, which can ensure the stability and deformation of the extrusion process.The cutting device is a synchronous tracking structure, which can ensure smooth section and no breakage.The unit has the characteristics of low energy consumption, stable performance, high speed and high efficiency.The profile extruded by this machine is beautiful in appearance, good in compression resistance, good in light and heat stability, low in size change and anti-aging.

Product Paremeters

PartsMain itemsModelExplanation
Screw and barrelScrew diameterΦ50mmZhoushan, Zhejiang
deeply nitrading processing
Screw valid length1400 mm
Screw number1
Barrel heating power9KW
Barrel wind-cooling power180W ×3
Nitriding depth0.40-0.70mm
Nitriding rigi
dity (HV)
surface roughness (mm)Ra0.8-Ra1.6
Heating type and materialElectricHeating by Aluminum ring
Raw materialABS granules
Reduction driverReduction gearHard teethJiangyin, China
Driver motorPower15 KWPlastic machine special used  

Main machine
Feeding typeAutomatic dryer & loaderCenter height 1000mm
(match with mould)

Product Details

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