Plastic Rod Extrusion Line

Plastic rod extrusion line can be used to produce PE,PP,PA,POM,PEEK and other plastic rods.

Product Description

Plastic Rod Extrusion Line

The plastic rod/bar production line takes plastic granules as raw materials and adopts extrusion process. It can be used to produce PE, PP, PA, POM, PEEK and other solid plastic rods/bars.

The production line is mainly composed of feeding and drying system, extruder, mould, tractor, cutting machine, etc.

The plastic granules are melted by the extruder and cooled by the mould, at the same time, the push rod clamped in the tractor applies thrust to the mould,such rods/bars do not have internal bubbles, cavities and other problems, the strength of the rods/bars will be higher.




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