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PP PE Plastic Reed Extrusion Line PP PE Plastic Reed Extrusion Line

Plastic rattan extrusion line can produce single or multiple color plastic rattan equipped with one or more extruders, and also different shape rattan can be produced if different extrusion moulds are used. Including round rattan, flat rattan, embossing rattan, artificial rattan as well as colorful rattan. Plastic rattan is widely used on rattan chair, tea table ,flower basket ,weaving art and craft, furniture etc .Preferring different raw material such as PE, PP, PVC etc. the extrusion line can produce plastic resembling rattan with differing texture.

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Product Description

1. Equipped with polyolefin purposed single-screw extruder; it has the characters of quick extruding, high efficiency and so on.
2. The specially designed co-extrusion die head is reasonable in flow channel, smooth in both internal and external walls, and small in internal stress. 
3. Pipe diameter is among 20-160mm and production speed reaches to 18m/min. 
4.One unit serves several purposes. It can produce common PP-R, Nanometer anti-bacteria pipe, PE-RT and PE-X.
5. If added one co-extrusion engine and die on original base, it can produce PP-R fiberglass reinforced composite pipe.


Dia(mm)L/DSpeed(rpm)Motor power(kw)Heating power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)

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