PVC Composite Granulation Line

PVC granulator is used to mix PVC powder resin according to different use requirements of the formula, through extrusion and hot process to obtain PVC particles production raw materials.

Product Description

PVC granulation line can be used to produce hard PVC granules, soft PVC granules, transparent PVC granules.

PVC granulation line is mainly composed of spiral feeder, conical twin screw extruder, hot die head, vibrating screen, conveying pipe and silo.

Product Parameters

Machine model Raw material Capacity Dimension Installed power

PVC powder

100-120kg/h 8m*3m*3.4m 40kw
FLD55/110 PVC powder 150-180kg/h 8m*3m*3.4m 48kw
FLD65/132 PVC powder 200-250kg/h 10m*3m*3.4m 70kw
FLD80/156 PVC powder 300-400kg/h 12m*3m*3.4m 100kw
FLD92/188 PVC powder 700-800kg/h 14m*3m*3.4m 135kw

Product Details

PVC pelletizer (2).webp

PVC granulator (1).webpPVC granulator (2).webp

PVC granulator (3).webp

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