PVC glazed roof tile extruder machine

The Plastic Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine is mainly used in the production of plastic glazed tile.The plastic glazed tiles are widely used in the garden-style factory,tourist scenic spots, pavilions,hotels,family building, etc.

Product Description

Name: PVC glazed roof tile extruder machine

Finial products: PVC+ASA ROOF Tile

Raw material: PVC powder, ASA

Thickness:1 layer, 2 layers or 3 layers

Tile types: Glazed tile , wave tile, hollow tile

1.Production line is mainly used for the production of PVC+ASA/PVC multilayer composite resin tile, glazed tile ,specifications have width 880mm, 1050mm, thickness 2.5, 3mm; pitch 220mm,250mm

2.PVC layer consists of SJ80/156 conical twin screw extrusion machien production, ASA layer extruded bu the SJ50 single screw extrusion machine, equipment and T type mold, molding machine, cutting machine and stack frame.

3.Supply formula guide service and staple raw material purchase.

4.Professional analyzing and design by considering production cost and tile's performance.


1. Adopt PLC control and simple operation .
2. Adopt Electric-magnetic heater which can save 40% -60% electric power for customer .
3. All Electric Part (breaker/motor/relay /Inverter and so on ) is Siemens/Schneider/Omron 
4. Adopt Gravity Feeding System 
5. Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen quenched which the thickness layer 0.4-0.7mm; Hardness of screw barrel: >940 HV;
6. Unique grooved structure feed bush with force cooling system that is specially designed by Friend co. which can increase output at 15-20%.
7. Variable screw-pitch and double-separate structure screw is specially designed for PE. Comprehensive plasticizing element, ensure the plasticizing effects of materials.
8. The water cooling tank has two vacuum chambers which can improve cooling effect .
9. This line includes automatic forced feeding system/conical extruder/die head and mold/calibration unit/chilling unit/hauling unit/cutting unit/stacker .

Production Flow

High speed mixer—conical twin screw extruder—co-extruder—co-extrusion die head—embossing and cooling rollers—forming machine—saw cutting machine—stacker—pneumatic pressing machine for ridge tiles moulds

Main Mac
hine List:





Screw loader

1 set


SJZ80/156 conical twin-screw extruder

1 set


SJ65/35 single screw co-extruder

1 set


Extrusion mould and flow distributor

1 set


Embossing roller

1 set


Side cutter

1 set


Glazed-tile forming machine

1 set



1 set



1 set

IMG_20181223_160650.webp IMG_20181223_160750.webp


                                    Screw loader


Motor power:1.5kw
Material:Stainless steel
Feeding height :Customized
Feeding pipe diameter :108mm
Machine weight :200kg
Pipe diameter :100mm
Transmission way belt
Height Can be adjust
Screw diameter :28mm
Paddle thickness: 3mm
Paddle material :Stainless steel
Volume :250L
Electrical parts :Siemens

Overview: our company produces the conical double screw extrusion machine has good plasticizing effect than in the same equipment, large production, design, reasonable structure, high precision, etc. All parts are all made of good quality material, give priority to with the independent processing. A complete set of equipment, strong and durable, good stability, high technical content, is PVC products manufacturers preferred products, and sell well in all parts of the world. The company has a high reputation and popularity is a leading enterprise in plastic machinery industry.

Electric control cabinet: the main inverter and feeding frequency converter

Motor、pump: main motor 55KW,feeder motor 1.5KW


                         SJZ80/156 conical twin-screw extruder


                   single screw co-extruder


Main motor:15KW

Screw speed:72rpm/m

Barrel material:38CrMoALA ,Nitriding treatment, nitride layer depth 0.5-0.7mm, hardness≥940, straightness〈0.015mm.

Barrel heating power: 4 * 12 kw

Mould heater zone:3 zone

Configuration of high quality hard tooth surface reducer: models for 173, gear made of special alloy steel, carburized processing, precision grinding processing. The gear box, low noise, high life, low fever, dedicated extrusion speed reducer.

Name: 1300 Mould unit

Mold type: coat hanger runner, uniform discharge

Head surface:0.04-0.05mm

Effective width: 1300mm

Heating zones: 7 zones

Heating power: 3.5kw×7zones

The distributor is designed as a block

The overall flow channel is designed with 3d melt flow simulation sofware.

Produced in processing center, reached micron level.

                   Extrusion mould and flow distributor


                               Embossing roller


Roll diameter:240mm       
Roll length:1360mm         
Roller hard chrome plating, mirror polishing.
Roller material: 45 # steel tempering quenching process
Roller surface hardness: over HRC50 
Roller surface hard chromium plating processing
 Internal structure: roller roller with long helical port internal structure design, to ensure the roller temperature uniformity.

Maximum traction:50KN
Move motor:0.37KW
Exhaust pressure:0.7Mpa
Cooling system: cooling fan total power only 8 August x550w
Number of modules: 22 to 220 mm wavelength, wave height, wave from 160 mm to 30 mm.
The module material: aluminum alloy
The rise and fall of upper die:200mm
Before and after moving distance :1500mm
This machine mainly is driving mechanism, lifting mechanism, upper and lower beam, and finalize the design module, the cooling mechanism, adjusting mechanism, orbit, electric control box, etc

Glazed-tile forming machine




Saw blades cutting direction: from right to left.
Saw blades diameter:Φ360mm
Cutter motor:2.2KW
Cylinder and solenoid valve brand: domestic famous brands :China famous brand.
Electric control system: China famous brand
Appearance treatment: Spray paint processing
Center height:1000±50mm
Max cutting size(width× height):1200×100mm

Stacker length:3000mm*2sets    
Materail:Stainless steel
Height: can be adjust


af ga.webp




a g f.webp

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