PVC Pipe Production Line

PVC pipe is made of PVC resin as raw material, adding a variety of additives, through the extrusion process of PVC pipe production line.PVC pipe production line is mainly used for the production of PVC conduit pipe, PVC water supply pipe, PVC drainage pipe.

Product Description

PVC pipe is made of Polyvinylchlorid resin as the main raw material,after plasticizing and extruding by extruder, formed into PVC pipe by vacuum shaping.

The PVC pipe production line mainly has mixer, screw loader, SJSZ series twin screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration tank, haul off machine, cutter, stacker, printer.

The PVC pipes produced by the PVC pipe line are widely used in municipal water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, civil water supply and drainage, irrigation, vegetation watering, etc. According to the diameter and function of PVC pipe, in the field of construction, PVC pipe is used for PVC conduit, PVC water supply pipe, PVC drain pipe, etc.


  • 1. The raw material is automatically fed by the screw feeder.

  • 2. Extruder is specially used for PVC nitriding and chrome plated screw, longer service life.

  • 3. The vacuum calibration tank is 304 stainless steel, equipped with vacuum pump and water pump. 

  • 4. The tractor adopts rubber crawler with large traction force. Transmission parts adopt gear transmission, more stable operation. The speed is controlled by frequency conversion..

  • 5.Depending on the diameter of the pipe, the cutting machine can be used to lift the knife or ring cutting. The system is controlled by PLC.

  • 6.The stacker use proximity switch to control the length of pipe, and the cylinder controls the blanking after cutting.

  • 7.According to different pipe diameters, we can recommend the best production plan.

Production Flow

Production process:

Screw loader → mixing machine → SJSZ series twin screw extruder → mould → vacuum calibration tank → haul off machine → cutter → stacker 

Machine list:

No. Machine name Qty.
1 Screw loader 1 set
2 Mixer 1 set
3 Screw loader 1 set
4 SJSZ twin screw extruder 1 set
5 Mould 1 set
6 Vacuum calibration tank 1 set
7 Printer 1 set
8 Haul off machine 1 set
9 Cutter 1 set
10 Stacker 1 set

Model and parameter:

Model Diameter range Capacity
SJSZ51/105 20-40mm(dual output) 80-120kg/h
SJSZ55/110 20-50mm(dual output) 120-180kg/h
SJSZ65/132 20-63mm(dual output) 200-250kg/h
SJSZ80/156 75-250mm 350-400kg/h
SJSZ92/188 315-800mm 700-800kg/h

PVC pipe production line.webp PVC pipe_副本.webp


Motor power: 1.1kw


Screw loader


SJSZ65/132 twin screw extruder


Screw material:38CrMoAlA
Motor power:37kw,AC

Heating power:18kw

Motor brand:Siemens

Gearbox brand:Jiangyin brand

Inverter brand:ABB

Contactor brand:Siemens

Temperature controller brand:Omron

Tank length:6000mm
Tank material:SUS304
Vacuum pump power:4kw*2
Water pump power:4kw*2
Vacuum degree: -0~0.08Mpa
Moving motor:0.75kw

Vacuum calibration tank


Haul off machine


Haul off type:rubber block*2
Motor power:3 kw

Clamping method:air cylinder
Speed control:Frequency

Inverter brand:ABB

Air compressed pressure:0.5~0.7 Mpa

Cutting type:circular cutting
Motor power:1.5kw
Clamping method:air cylinder
Air compressed pressure:0.5~0.7 Mpa

Cutting machine 



PE PPR pipe production line (50).webp

Length of stacker:4500mm

Plate material:SUS304
Discharging control:air cylinder

PVC pipes making machine (1).webp

PVC pipes making machine (3).webp

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