PVC PP PE Pulverizer/Grinding Machine

plastic pulverizer for pp/pe/pvc/pmma

Product Description

PVC  LDPE HDPE pulverizer machine is mainly used in producing plastic powder from plastic granules, scraps. This  pulverizer has features of good-designed structure, high capacity, low noise.
The whole set of plastic pulverizer miller include feeding hopper, grinding chamber, vetex hopper, vibrating sieve, regrinding system, dust-cleaner. The blade for this plastic pulverizer could be rotor type blade and disk type blade. With cooling system, our plastic pulverizer can be applied to PP, PE, EVA, ABS, PVC materials.


1. Low power consumption, high yield, Simple structure and easy installation
2. Millstone gap power and the fixed knife, particular from of the regulation(three to complete), new type of the simple, easy to control the size of the power.

3. Host with the wind, water circulation cooling system.
4. Simple replaceable of high-quality knives, and it can be used repeatly after grinding.

Product Parameter

Model MF500 MF600 MF800
Powder Mesh 20-80mesh 20-80mesh 20-80mesh
Main Motor 37KW 45 / 55KW 55 / 75KW
Output 130-170kg/h 200-300kg/h 300-500kg/h
Application PVC PVC / HDPE PVC / HDPE

Product Details


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