PVC/WPC Plastic Profile Production Line

This extrusion line is specially for producing PVC material profiles.The extrusion line includes SJSZ-series conical twin screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration platform, haul off and cutting machine, stacker.

Product Description

1.SJSZ-series conical twin screw extruder

The extruder adopts counter-rotating conical twin screw, the screw material is 38CrMoAlA.

The extruder adopts global high-performance spare parts such as Siemens motors, ABB frequency converters, Omron temperature control meter brand and so on.

2.Vacuum calibration platform

The length of the vacuum calibration platform is 3.5 meters or 6 meters (according to the product size), and the platform is made of 304 stainless steel.

The calibration platform has built-in water ring vacuum pump and cooling water pump, displacement motor, dewatering fan, etc.

The calibration platform is equipped with enough cooling water pipe/vacuum pipe joints connected with the mold.

The calibration platform is equipped with up/down, forward/backward and left/right 3-dimensional adjustment mechanisms to facilitate the operation of the machine.

3.Haul off machine

The crawler of the haul off machine adopts the rubber block type, which is controlled and clamped by the air cylinder, and the clamping force is large and does not slip.

The transmission system is driven by gears, with large and stable traction.

The motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and ABB frequency converter.

The machine has a visual safety guard.

4.Cutting machine

The cutting machine adopts the cutting method of lifting knife and is controlled by PLC.

The cutting length is controlled by the travel switch or the rotary encoder. After the cutting length is reached, the cutting machine's system will automatically control the cylinder to clamp the profile, and then the tool will automatically lift and cut. After the cutting is completed, the cutting machine is automatically reset and the control cylinder returns to initial position.


After the product is cut to length, the system will automatically control the cylinder to fold the pallet and drop the product into the rack.

Product Parameters

Machine model Raw material Capacity Dimension Installed power


100-150kg/h 18m*1.5m*3.2m 40kw
SJSZ55/110 PVC/WPC 150-180kg/h 20m*1.5m*3.2m 50kw
SJSZ65/132 PVC/WPC 200-250kg/h 22m*1.8m*3.4m 70kw
SJSZ80/156 PVC/WPC 350-450kg/h 24m*2m*3.4m 110kw

Product Details

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