SMP-400 Plastic Milling Machine

Adopting the advanced technology from overseas, SMP-400 high-speed whirlpool multifunction miller is widely used in plastic/mine/chemical/metallurgy for milling, especially for recycling granule of PVC and PE plastic. After the proof from the bpractising, the unit can maintain the target in the side of physics and chemical features when adding 20% to 30% powder. So it is the best unit for plastic factory to solve the waster and save the cost.

Product Description

  • It is the solid structure, cover small area, it is an independent producting system from primary material to the final powder.

  • Fineness of the final powder is well-distributed, 99% of them can pass through the screen, other milling machines are hard to approach. 

  • Raymond mill conmission equipment adopt closed gear case and pulley, stable convey and believable work.

  • Important part adopt high quality steel, abrasion proof adopt high quality abrasion material, the whole machine have a high abrasion and have a believable work.

  • Its electric system adopt concentrating control, the workshop can realize no-people work, and maintance, etc.


  • New type of blade structure, fine powder, energy saving, environmental protection

  • Higher capacity than the other same type pulverizer.

  • Dust collection device to reduce dust pollution.

  • Easy operation, easy maintenance, low labor intensity.

  • Air/water cooling system to cool the machine body.

  • Well-knit structure, less land occupation, convenient installation .

Production Flow

Technical parameters:

Model SMP 400
Knife plate number(pc) 1
Blade(pc) 2
Outer Diameter(mm) 473
Screen Diameter(mm) 10-12
Induced Fan Power(KW) 3
Shut Fan Power(KW) 0.75
Mesh 30-80
Power(KW) 30
Capacity(Kg/h) 100-180

SMF400磨粉机 (4).webp 磨粉机smf600 (16)_副本.webp


SMF400磨粉机 (5).webp SMF400磨粉机 (6).webp
SMF400磨粉机 (7).webp SMF400磨粉机 (8).webp
SMF400磨粉机 (10).webp smf500 (9).webp

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