Wood Composite PVC Decking Floor Making Mahcine

wood-plastic floor means that the compounding, devolatilization, and product extrusion molding of wood-plastic composite materials are completed in different equipment, that is, after the raw materials are mixed according to a certain formula, wood-plastic particles are formed in the middle, and then they are extruded into this process of wood plastic flooring.At present, the two-step method is widely used. Generally, it is pelletized with a cone twin extruder or a flat twin extruder, and then a cone twin or single screw extruder is used to extrude molded products. It is mainly used for indoor and outdoor floors, guardrails, and pallets. Such as PE&PP wood-plastic products extrusion molding.

Product Description

  • Specially designed screws, barrels, molds, processing and production technology and equipped with profile auxiliary materials can produce pe, pp or pvc wood-plastic profile products. It is a new type of environmentally friendly product. It is a wood-plastic composite material made of plastic and waste wood fibers in a certain proportion with plastic processing aids. After high temperature and high pressure extrusion of structural profiles, it can be used to produce pallets, packaging box panels, door and window frames , Decorative flooring, outdoor products, etc. Its products have smooth surface, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, waterproof, strong insulation and many other advantages. The thickness of the sheet can be 5-15mm, and the width of the sheet is 100-300mm.


  • Elegant nature wood vein texture and touch, with wood scent;

  • Elegant and detailed shape design;

  • No cracking, warping, and splitting;

  • Water-proof, erosion-proof ;

  • Environmental friendly and no other hazard chemical;

  • Safe to use for many years;

  • Low maintenance and no painting;

  • Carpenter oriented and friendly easy installation;

  • Dimension stability against moisture and temperature.

Production Flow

1.Wood powder machinery(To get drying wood powder):Wood chipper/Wood powder making machine/Wood powder drying machine.

2.WPC mixer(To mix wood powder,plastic and other chemical additives. Get WPC powder)

3.WPC granulating machine(To make WPC powder to WPC pellets)

4.WPC profile making machine(To make different WPC profile by changing the mould).

5.Surface treatment machine(To make surface treatment on the profile).Embossing machine, sanding and brushing machine etc.

6.Recycled machine(To recycle bad products). Plastic crusher. 

Production Line Parameter:

Model Max width
Extruder model Max output(kg/h)  motor power(kw)
108 108 SJZ51/105 100 18.5
180 180 SJZ51/105 or SJZ55/110 100/150 18.5/22
240 240 SJZ65/132 250 37
300 300 SJZ65/132 250 37
400 400 SJZ80/156 350 55
500 500 SJZ80/156 350 55
600 600 SJZ80/156 400 75

wpc profiles (1).webp wpc profiles (2).webp


Screw feederscrew feeder_副本.webp

Motor power:2.2kw

Feeding capacity:500kg/h

Pipe material:304 Stainless steel

Pipe diameter:Φ104mm

Drive System

Motor power: 37kw

Reducer form: Gear reduction

Reduction ratio:38:1

Gear box brand:Jiangyin gear box

Electric Cabinet

Integrated button console

Power air switch: Siemens

Inverter: ABB

Contactor: Siemens

Breaker: Delixi

Temp setting table:Omron

SJSZ-65/132 twin screw extruder

wpc extruder.webp


Size:customer designation

Mould composition:die head, aluminum heater, calibrators and water tank

Length:5800 mm


Countertop material:304 stainless steel

Vacuum pump power:5.5kw

Water pump power:4kw

Moving motor power:0.75kw

Fan power:2.2kw

Working air pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa

Up,down,left and right can be adjusted.

Vacuum shaping tablevacuum forming table.webp

Traction machine

traction machine.webp

                         Traction power:5.5kw

                         Briquetting material: Soft rubber

                         Inverter:ABB Brand

                         Working air pressure:0.5~0.7Mpa

Cutting power:2.2kw

Control method:PLC

Working air pressure :0.5~0.7Mpa

Configure a vacuum cleaner.

Cutting machine

cutting machine.webp




Control method:Pneumatic

Material:304 Stainless steel

Working air pressure :0.5~0.7Mpa

wpc decking floor machine (2).webp wpc decking floor machine (5).webp
wpc decking floor machine (6).webp wpc decking floor machine.webp
wpc decking floor machine (4).webp wpc decking floor machine (3).webp
wpc decking floor machine (7).webp wpc decking floor machine (1).webp

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