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3D Filament Extruder Machine

3D printer filament extruder machine is suitable for normal temperature materials such as ABS/PLA/HIPS/PETG/NYLON/PC, and also suitable for high temperature materials such as PEEK/PEI/carbon fiber.

The 3D filament extrusion production line consists of high precision extruder, high quality alloy steel mold, constant temperature water tank, servo tractor, automatic storage line rack and automatic winding device. This series of production lines all adopt PID closed-loop control and PLC control program, which is convenient and quick to operate.

Filament extruder machine used to making 3d printer filament is widely used in many different industries, such as mould making, Shoes, industry designing, as well as medical. Please contact us to get a fast, free, no-obligation estimate, or to discuss your specific needs with our knowledgeable customer service representatives.


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