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Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic crusher grinds waste plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, Rubber, ABS, PS, PC waste materials. Plastic Crushing Machine also known as plastic shredder is very important part of recycling. 

ACC provides different types of the equipment, SMP-400 plastic milling machine and plastic bottles/films crusher are the most representative machines. For all kinds of raw materials, you can have alternative choice. 

Working Principle of Plastic Crushing Machine:

During the working process of plastic crusher machine, its motor drives the high-speed revolution of rotating blade cutter head, and the high-speed rotating of rotating blade could form the relative movement trends cooperated with fixed blade. At the same time, utilizing the gap between rotating blade and fixed blade could give rise to cutting edges of plastic grinding and cutting, thereby crushing the large pieces of plastic. Finally, the broken plastics would be filtered and outputted according to particle sizes of plastic through the screen sieve. 

Application Fields of Plastic Crusher Machine: 

This waste plastic crusher machine is mainly used in plastics and aluminum plastic crushing business and recycling fields. 


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