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Plastic pulverizer machine

ACC pulverizer systems are characterized by high efficiency and top performance in terms of the ratio of produced kilograms to consumed energy.  Everyday, thousands of waste plastics are crushed by pulverizer machine for reuse.

Pulverizers process materials in batches or continuously by accepting incoming material, often on a conveyor, rotating it and pressing a crushing into it, then sending it out. They may also cool, heat, or aerate material as it exits. For the convenience of the user, pulverizers can crush materials to varying levels of fineness, from very fine to coarse.

Plastic pulverizer components: 

1. Vacuum loader

2. Water cooling pipe  

3. Gridning chamber  

4. Air blower  

5. Vibration sieve  

6. Auto vibrating feeder  

7. Air locker  

8. Dust catcher  

9. Cyclone silo  

10. Auto temperature controller  

11. Stairs  

12. Water outlet  

13. Water inlet  

14. Pulverizer machine mainframe

To get the best pulverizer system for your application, you need to partner with a Plastic pulveriser manufacturer that understands your needs and has both the means and the experience to produce results. ACC Mchine,have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!


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